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With Mac OS 9, Apple and Open Door have shared our technologies, enabling Apple to build Open Door's ShareWay IP technology directly into the Mac OS. With Mac OS 9 and ShareWay IP, file sharing is just as easy over the Internet as it is over AppleTalk. When you check the "File Sharing over TCP/IP" checkbox in the File Sharing Control Panel, you're running ShareWay IP.

ShareWay Equation

With Mac OS 9's new Internet services come additional security concerns. If you are a Mac OS 9 user, please consider our important security enhancements to your system:

Who's There? icon Our Who's There? Firewall Advisor helps you analyze and react to the ever-increasing number of Net-based access attempts to Mac OS 9's Internet services.
ShareWay IP icon Our upgrade of the Mac OS 9 version of ShareWay to the full, commercial version, adds logging, security and other significant enhancements.

If you're not running Mac OS 9, you can still get Mac OS 9's IP file sharing features by installing ShareWay IP Personal Edition and enhance the security of your Internet-connected system by installing DoorStop.

Apple chose Open Door because we're the leader in AppleTalk-to-IP migration solutions. Please check out our complete line of migration products.

Open Door's products with Mac OS 9 support include:

ShareWay IP icon
ShareWay IP
- complete line of TCP/IP file sharing products
DoorStop icon
DoorStop firewall
- added security for Mac OS 9's Internet services
Who's There? icon
Who's There? advisor
- anaylze and react to security risks

"Internet solutions as easy to use as the Macintosh itself"
Open Door Networks, Inc.

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