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5 fun facts about Opendoor in 2019

Reading Time — 3 minutes

December 20, 2019

By Opendoor Team

Reading Time — 3 minutes

December 20, 2019

When buyers and sellers want to skip the hassle of a traditional home sale or tour a for-sale home on their schedule, they come to Opendoor. From transforming home buying in 21 cities around the U.S. to saving tens of thousands of sellers time and stress, we helped more people than ever move on to their next chapter with ease in 2019.

Along with some of our proudest milestones of the year, such as serving our 65,000th customer, welcoming OS National to the Opendoor family, launching Opendoor Home Loans and creating a brand new way to buy your dream home, we also accomplished a handful of really fun things too.

1. Opendoor homes were visited over 1.5 million times — nearly 5,000 per day

So far in 2019, Opendoor homes have been visited over 1.5 million times — nearly 5,000 visits each day! For house hunters nowadays, having flexibility and the convenience to tour a home on their own schedule is essential. Our mobile app makes it easy to unlock the front door and self-tour Opendoor-listed homes anytime between 6am-9pm, seven days a week, no appointment necessary.

2. We saved home sellers over 1.4 million hours of stress

From staging rooms to hosting open houses, negotiating costs, or managing moving timelines, selling a home can be one of life’s most stressful experiences (but it doesn’t have to be). We’re proud to eliminate the major headaches that can come with selling the traditional way — and saved our customers 1.4 million hours of stress and uncertainty in 2019.

3. We infused over $132 million into local small businesses

We team up with local contractors and tradespeople every day across the country to ensure each Opendoor home is move-in ready for its next owner. As we bought and sold thousands of homes in 2019, it meant a lot of work for our vendor partners, many of whom have scaled their businesses by collaborating with Opendoor.

4. We used 298,603 gallons of paint to get homes market-ready

To put it into perspective, that’s enough to paint San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge 30 times over. Our go-to hue is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey, a color that’s been used in thousands of homes across the US. “Neutral colors that go with just about anything have the greatest appeal,” Beatrice de Jong, our Consumer Trend Expert, notes. “These shades also make it easier for people to imagine their furniture and belongings inside.”

5. We put down 984,718 yards of carpet

That’s enough to lay carpet across the entire state of Texas! It may seem like everyone is all about hardwood floors, but trending home styles show that carpet may be making a comeback. De Jong says that people love it for a few reasons: “Carpet is much easier on your knees if you’re down on the floor with children or pets, and it provides a soft surface for kids to play on,” she offers. “Even more, it works really well to quiet noise in rooms upstairs and can bring a subtle texture or a bold pattern to a room in an unexpected way.”

If you’re thinking of starting a new chapter in 2020, learn more about how selling to Opendoor compares to the traditional process. We provide convenience, simplicity, and certainty so you can move on to your next chapter with ease. Get started here today.

If you’re thinking about house hunting next year, check out the thousands of Opendoor homes currently listed and available for self-tours on our mobile app. Cheers to a New Year!

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