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Here are the fastest-growing cities of 2022

The fastest-growing cities of 2022 feature abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, cultural attractions, and shopping and dining opportunities. The top 10 fastest-growing cities of 2022 are located in South Carolina, Florida, Idaho, and Texas, according to a recent study by US News & World Report.


Cyrus Vanover

10/7/2022 · 3 min read

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Looking to relocate? Here are the top-rated cities of 2022–23

Chelsea Levinson, JD

Key Takeaways

  • 7 of the top 10 fastest-growing cities of 2022 are in Florida.

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, tops the list thanks to its relatively low cost of living and proximity to the beach and other attractions.

  • Boise, Idaho, is a popular relocation destination for people on the West Coast due to its outdoor recreational opportunities.

1. Myrtle Beach, SC

With its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and dozens of golf courses, Myrtle Beach is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. But it's also a popular area to move to thanks to its relatively low cost of living and proximity to entertainment, shopping, dining, and other activities.

With nearly 1,800 restaurants, culinary lovers have many options to explore in Myrtle Beach. And with several malls to visit, the area is one of the largest shopping destinations in the Southeastern US.

2. Lakeland, FL

Located in mid-Florida, Lakeland is a popular relocation destination due to its proximity to attractions in Orlando. Residents are also a relatively short drive from several beautiful beaches along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

With its 38 beautiful lakes, dozens of parks, and plentiful local attractions, families have many things to see and do in Lakeland. And with its welcoming business environment and relatively low unemployment rate, the thriving local economy has attracted many professionals.

3. Sarasota, FL

Many people are moving to Sarasota to enjoy its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and relaxing atmosphere. Located in mid-Florida along the Gulf Coast, Sarasota is a relatively short drive from attractions in Orlando.

There are many things to do in and around Sarasota including golfing at one of its dozens of courses, trying new restaurants, museums, and cultural attractions. For those who love open water adventure, boats can be rented for fishing, sailing, water skiing, and other activities.

4. Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers is a popular destination for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Although it’s primarily known for its beautiful beaches and great fishing, it’s also located near two state parks with opportunities for hiking, biking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing.

Located about two hours from either Tampa or Miami, residents can make day or weekend excursions to these cosmopolitan cities. As the home of several corporate headquarters, Fort Myers has attracted many professionals.

5. Boise, ID

It's not hard to see why so many are moving to Boise, Idaho. Surrounded by mountains, it's a popular destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Residents can enjoy hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, fly fishing, and other activities. During the winter, many people travel to Boise to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Boise residents enjoy a relatively low cost of living, and the local economy is strong. And thanks to its relatively low traffic, Boise residents enjoy some of the lowest commute times in the country.

Other fastest-growing cities of 2022

6. Ocala, FL

7. Port St. Lucie, FL

8. Daytona Beach, FL

9. Naples, FL

10. Austin, TX

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Cyrus VanoverAuthor

Cyrus Vanover is a finance and real estate writer who specializes in making complex topics easy to understand. He is also the author of "Earn a Debt-Free College Degree." Based in the mountains of Virginia, he enjoys hiking the local trails, listening to 80s music, and reading books on military history in his spare time.


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