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Expanding our footprint to San Diego and Asheville

Reading Time — 2 minutes

February 18, 2021

By Megan Meyer Toolson

Reading Time — 2 minutes

February 18, 2021

2021 is projected to be a strong sellers’ market and starting today, homeowners in both San Diego, CA and Asheville, NC will have a seamless, certain and fast way to sell their home with Opendoor.

Today, many homeowners who list their homes on the market go through a complex, uncertain and time-consuming process to sell their home. On top of that, there are typically a lot of costs to keep track of— from the broker commission to staging costs and home renovations. When you sell to Opendoor, there are no unforeseen costs and complete transparency in the sale so you can feel confident about avoiding surprises. And we know that now more than ever home sellers want digital options. In fact, 71% of sellers from our recent 2021 National Real Estate and Consumer Trend Report said they were likely to consider selling their home to an iBuyer to avoid the hassle associated with a traditional home sale.

Here’s how homeowners in San Diego and Asheville can move seamlessly by selling their home directly to Opendoor:

  • Get started with a few clicks online:

    • Homeowners across San Diego and Asheville can go to Opendoor.com and determine their eligibility by entering their home address and answering a few questions about their home’s attributes and any upgrades they’ve made.

  • Skip the stress & stay safe:

    • Next, homeowners will receive a preliminary offer on their home, to be finalized after we virtually assess their home. No cleanings, no showings, no repairs and no strangers coming inside your home. It’s completely contact-free. Even outside of COVID-19, it removes the hassle of keeping the house clean and coordinating time for family and pets to be out of the house.

  • Have certainty & control:

    • With our all-cash offer, you don’t have to worry about a buyer’s financing falling through. And you have complete visibility and control throughout the process. The timeline is up to you. You have the opportunity to choose your closing date— minimizing the possibility of double mortgages or double moving costs. And you can cancel anytime before close, at no cost, for any reason.

By expanding our footprint in Southern California and North Carolina, we’re moving towards our goal of bringing a seamless, certain and fast solution to more home buyers and sellers nationwide. Interested in selling your home? Get started and request an offer on your home today with Opendoor.

Megan Meyer Toolson is the Chief Customer Officer at Opendoor.

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