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What’s better than a competitive cash offer? Building your brand with Opendoor

Reading Time — 2 minutes

August 6, 2021

By Derek Schairer

Reading Time — 2 minutes

August 6, 2021

New Home Consultant Steven Pellegrino shares how he helped his customers and built his brand with Opendoor.


Thousands of homeowners each year drive by, search online, and

see billboards for new construction, leading them to dream about

trading up to buy their ideal home. For Steven Pellegrino, New Home

Consultant at Lennar, the best part of his job is to help a customer

turn their dreams of a new home into reality! When a potential buyer

came to his office and shared that they had heard about Opendoor

and were excited to put an offer on a new Lennar home, Steven knew

that Opendoor’s customer experience and cash offer buying power

would help him help even more buyers. Further, he knew he could be

at the forefront of the iBuying movement, and build a personal brand

as a resource to help streamline the process of upgrading to a new

build home for his customers.


For new construction, there are many dreamers that walk into sales

offices with an existing home to sell. And while that is common, it presents

a challenge to New Home Consultants like Steven who is not currently

allowed to sell his new homes to any home-to-sell contingent customers.

These types of contingent buyers present unpredictable pipelines for sales

offices, and Steven finds that working with Opendoor helps to keep his

pipeline constantly flowing. When he sees a client with that dream home

sparkle in their eyes, he’s able to present a scenario where those dreams

can become a reality, and in a timely manner at that.


Opendoor has been a game changer for Steven, as he is able to offer his

customers a way to move that fits their timeline with the flexibility and the

ease of removing surprises from the closing process.

Opendoor is perfect for me to use for the right customer. It’s a competitive offer and you get to stay in your current home up until your new home is ready. That means no moving twice, no paying for an apartment or storage while you wait. - Steven Pellegrino, New Home Consultant for Lennar


After referring his first buyer to sell their home to Opendoor, Steven quickly learned that this was a tool he could depend on to help his client’s move through the process of upgrading their home more quickly and easily. In turn, he was helping himself. Since building his brand with Opendoor,

Steven has evangelized it to his team. He even shared that realtor

customers are using Opendoor over the traditional selling process to sell

their personal homes because of the ease.

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