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How real estate agent saved the sale with Opendoor

Reading Time — 2 minutes

August 6, 2021

By Will Holmes

Reading Time — 2 minutes

August 6, 2021

Save the sale. Be the hero.

Meet Andi Blackwell and learn how Opendoor helped save her deal.


Often in real estate, a customer’s move hinges on someone else being able to move as well. This is often referred to as a “domino transaction” because one home sale needs to fall, or close, to start the chain. Andi Blackwell, a Principal Broker with Keller Williams Realty, Portland Central, shared her experience with a recent Domino Transaction, and how having Opendoor in her tool belt helped to save the sale.


In this case, Andi’s client had found their dream home, but their offer was contingent on the sale of their current home. Unfortunately, their buyer’s offer was contingent as well, but they had an offer for their home. The transaction was in motion when Andi received the call that every agent dreads – the buyer’s home sale had fallen apart.


Having learned of Opendoor, Andi knew what to do next. She asked for more information on the buyer’s home to determine if it met the Opendoor criteria. Upon entering the home’s information into the Home Eligibility Calculator, she confirmed that the home did in fact meet the criteria to sell with Opendoor. Andi presented this option to the buyer and their agent, and the chain of home closings continued.

Being a fiduciary means using every tool to meet your client’s needs. Sometimes that means going on the open market. Sometimes that means selling to an investor like Opendoor to take advantage of a fast closing to be non-contingent. - Andi Blackwell Keller Williams, Portland, OR


Instead of going back on the market, pushing out the closing date, and possibly losing their dream home, Andi gave the buyer an option to secure an offer from Opendoor, saving both her client and the buyers. Andi shared that the Opendoor offer on the buyer’s house was comparable to the one that had fallen through, and enabled an on-time closing for all customers involved to move into their dream homes without delay. Andi looked like a hero to her clients and the buyers, and was able to move on to address her next customer’s needs right on schedule.

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