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Welcome home: How you moved with Opendoor in 2021

Reading Time — 2 minutes

December 22, 2021

By Opendoor Team

Reading Time — 2 minutes

December 22, 2021

If 2020 was “the year of the move,” 2021 extended that shift. At a time when the real estate industry saw limited inventory and an ultra-competitive market, finding the right home became more important than ever. Whether you upgraded to accommodate a growing family or flexible work environment or downsized to make the most of your space, this past year saw continued changes in where and how Americans move and live. And for hundreds of thousands of you, you turned to Opendoor to help make that transition.

Here, we take a look back at the strides we’ve made together and what we might be able to expect in 2022.

Opendoor Milestones Reached in 2021 🏠🔑

In 2021, we more than doubled our markets and expanded our national footprint to 44 neighborhoods nationwide to reach you wherever you are—from Reno, Nevada to Knoxville, Tennessee—and surpassed 100,000 customer transactions. No matter if you’re buying, selling, or just browsing, empowering you with flexibility and freedom you need to move on your own terms and unlock your dream home has been as core to our mission as ever.

Did you know an Opendoor home is unlocked every minute? In fact, more than half a million Opendoor homes were visited by buyers in 2021. We also saw virtual home tours double from 2020, but consumers still prefer to see homes in-person. An overwhelming majority of homes were viewed in-person.

What You Searched for on Opendoor 🔎

Why You Thought About Selling 💰

Our 2022 Real Estate Trend Predictions 🔮

We anticipate even more shifts in how you’ll think about real estate in 2022—ones that will make the process even more intuitive and useful.

  • Continued focus on consumers’ home shopping priorities. In 2021, we saw you move to resize or relocate for a host of reasons. In 2022, we’ll continue to see a shift in where and how consumers live, with a focus on the homes and neighborhoods that meet your evolving needs—and we’ll be there every step of the way.

  • Embracing “the new normal” with an all-in-one digital transaction. In 2022, we anticipate that even more consumers will rethink how they approach the real estate process by turning to a digital-first experience with Opendoor. Think buying, selling, and moving all at once; completing virtual home tours; and opting in for all-cash offers that streamline the process.

Thanks for being a part of a monumental year. We look forward to welcoming even more of you home in 2022.

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