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Introducing our new CTO Raji Subramanian

Reading Time — 2 minutes

August 24, 2022

By Eric Wu

Reading Time — 2 minutes

August 24, 2022

Almost a decade ago, it was clear to me that many major categories were moving to digital-first, vertically integrated experiences. You could hail a ride, order food, and buy virtually anything online in a few taps. I believed buying or selling a home could — and should — be that simple.

In 2014, we placed a bold bet that people would sell their largest asset online, directly to a technology company. Since then, we’ve enabled more than 200,000 customer transactions, expanded to 50+ markets, built an incredible team and created an experience that simplifies what is often life’s biggest and most complex transaction. We are redefining an industry that traditionally has had no technology behind it, and setting the standard for the future.

While I reflect back over the progress we’ve made, I am also energized by the growth and innovation that lies ahead. And today’s announcement marks the beginning of our next chapter, with Raji Subramanian as Opendoor’s Chief Technology Officer.

Last year, Raji joined the Opendoor team through our acquisition of Pro.com, where she was co-founder, COO, and Head of Product and Technology. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership that can transform the way operations and technology work seamlessly together. Earlier, Raji was a pioneering member of Amazon’s Marketplace and Amazon Web Services (AWS) teams and also a leader in Amazon’s Kindle group and at Yahoo Finance. She operates with a startup mentality, has a customer-first approach and deeply cares about our mission.

Raji will officially step into her new role as CTO on September 6 as Ian Wong, our co-founder and current CTO, will transition to become a Technical Advisor to the CEO, working closely with me on new initiatives. The reverberations of Ian’s work building out our platform, tooling and pricing capabilities can be seen across the industry – leading the transformation of real estate transactions into a modern-day marketplace. Ian has built a technology team that is poised to execute on our future plans. We wouldn’t be where we are today without his impactful contributions.

With this transition, we are well-positioned to continue to be the pace setter in our industry. I am excited to see continued investment in our technology, tooling and platforms as we scale and create a one-of-a-kind experience for our customers.

Eric Wu is the co-founder and CEO of Opendoor.

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