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Home Selling

Everything you need to know about selling a home, all in one place.

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How to sell a disaster-damaged home

Opendoor Team

Whether a natural disaster damaged just your home or your entire community, there’s nothing easy about your situation. You might need to find an alternative place to live and deal with lost possessions, and you’ll want to feel safe and settled again as soon as possible. For some, that means selling their home.

Home sellers: Avoid these seven mistakes

Opendoor Team

On news of a hot housing market with all-cash offers and escalation clauses, you might decide that now’s the time to list your place. After all, if it’s a seller’s market, what can go wrong? A lot. If you’re thinking about selling your home, be aware of these missteps and mistakes that can stand between you and a successful deal.

The top 9 questions to ask before selling your home


Aly Yale

We share some of the most important questions for the home selling journey – and provide answers as well.

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Prepare your home

Seven home inspection deal-breakers

Opendoor Team

When you agree to buy a home, you might be thinking about how you’ll make the space your own — where you’ll put your new couch, which bedroom will be best for your kids and what you’ll do to make the outdoor patio a great place to entertain. However, those decisions should wait until you get a professional opinion on the state of the home. Sometimes, those examinations can turn up reasons to walk away.

How to mentally prep for a move to a new place

Opendoor Team

Even if you managed to sell your old one for a sizable profit, moving to a new place can come with the bittersweet feeling of leaving something behind. As you pack your boxes and get ready for moving day, it’s important to prepare your heart and mind for a big life change, as well.

Five tips for making a move less stressful for your pet

Opendoor Team

Moving is stressful enough, but for the furry members of our families, it can be confusing and even terrifying. Below is a checklist to help prepare your pet for the move and steps you can take to help your pet adjust to the transition.

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Close the deal

Why do pending home sales fall through?


Stephanie Vozza

Insights into some of the reasons why pending sales fall through – and helpful tips on how to prevent it.

How to choose the best offer on your house


Jeffery Marino

Sometimes the highest offer isn’t the best offer. We’ll help you to choose what makes the most sense for you.

How much are closing costs for the seller?


Paula Pant

We’ll explain what closings costs are, and break down the types of expenses you’ll pay as a seller.

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Sell with Opendoor

How selling to Opendoor compares to a traditional home sale

Opendoor Team

We compare the costs of selling to Opendoor versus the traditional process side-by-side. We also breakdown our service charge and what it covers.

How Opendoor calculates the value of your home

Opendoor Team

Learn how we use the info you tell us about your home, our robust data model, and local experts to make a competitive, all-cash offer.

How Opendoor makes handling repairs easier

Opendoor Team

Learn how our repair process differs from a traditional sale. We give you more options, more control, and you can skip the work.

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