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Real estate tips, trends and insights for home buyers and sellers

what you need to know about home appraisals

What buyers and sellers need to know about home appraisals

Having a solid understanding of how the appraisal process works can only benefit you.

real estate terms to know

17 essential real estate terms you should know

Taking time to understand the vocabulary can help home buyers and sellers educate themselves on the process.

real estate options when retiring

Real estate options to consider when planning your retirement

Planning for retirement involves developing a real estate strategy that supports this new lifestyle. Our tips.

tips for july 4th fireworks watching

Where to watch July 4th fireworks

We’ve gathered over thirty Fourth of July events across the country that are recommended by the Opendoor team.

home selling buying with blended families

How to sell your home and move in with a blended family

When it comes to navigating merging two families, there are many challenges. Our tips should help you.

understanding real estate fundamentals

Understanding the fundamentals of the real estate market

We explain five fundamental factors that affect the market and how they impact your buying and selling power.

new opendoor video

How we take “the process” out of the selling process (Video)

If you've been through the home selling process, we hope our video brings a smile to your face.

important things to repair

The most important things to repair before selling a house

Keeping a home in good repair can pay significant dividends when you sell your home. Here are our tips.

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