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Customer Stories

How Opendoor helped a couple go from “her house” to “our home”

The Pendas sold their home to Opendoor in just 3 weeks, in-between running a marathon and riding a bike race.

How selling her home to Opendoor helped a writer keep her deadlines

Miriam ran her business out of her home and knew a traditional sale would disrupt her work.

How Opendoor put a Phoenix family on the fast track to their forever home

The Hamiltons chose a fast, fair, & certain sale to Opendoor so they wouldn't miss out on buying their dream home.

Less home sales stress, more time for family togetherness

Crystal saved time & skipped stress by trading in her old home for a new Opendoor home in competitive Frisco, TX.

How a busy entrepreneur used Opendoor to simplify selling his rental property

Busy planning for a 2nd child & running a business, Eric didn't have time to spare for a traditional home sale

For an experienced Phoenix seller, Opendoor was a ‘no-brainer’

Adam was initially skeptical about selling to Opendoor, but his research and a great offer dispelled his fears.

Buying and selling with Opendoor adds up to a dream home for this Texas accountant

Busy with her career, Ginelle prized convenience when selling and buying a home. So she used Opendoor Trade-in.

A smooth, easy sale for a Tempe family of four

Jennifer found the perfect home. To buy it, she'd need to move fast—but her current home wasn't ready to sell.

How Opendoor helped three generations find a forever home

Keith didn't want to burden his mom with frequent showings and cleaning, so he sold his home to Opendoor.

How a Dallas couple created a smooth, stress-free move

Timing is everything when buying your dream home. Kurt and Christi learned how Opendoor can help.

Opendoor turns doubtful salesman into a believer

To sell his home, Shane looked for a company that shares his values of honesty and transparency.

How Opendoor and Bernie Lake worked together to fulfill a promise to a friend

Bernie executed his late friend Don's will. He sold to Opendoor to get the best deal for Don's sons.

How Opendoor helped a growing family find their future home

With baby #3 on the way, Laura & Jim Boldin knew they needed a bigger home. The busy family sold to Opendoor.

The Bertotys used Opendoor to skip the home-selling stress and retire in style

The Bertotys wanted to quit taking care of a house and start enjoying retirement. Opendoor made their sale a breeze.

opendoor customer story abby and john

How a postcard led an Atlanta couple to a better future

Thanks to a fast and easy selling process with Opendoor, a couple from Atlanta was able to buy their dream home.

How selling to Opendoor led a couple to their forever home

In this customer story, JoAnn and Guy explain how selling to Opendoor helped them to snag their dream home.

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