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opendoor launch in nashville

Rocking into Music City: Opendoor launches in Nashville

We've chatted with our Head of Homes, Ruth Franczyk, to get a local’s take on Music City.

tips for july 4th fireworks watching

Where to watch July 4th fireworks

We’ve gathered over thirty Fourth of July events across the country that are recommended by the Opendoor team.

Opendoor expands to Orlando Florida

Opendoor is expanding to Orlando

Opendoor is excited to plant roots in the growing community of Orlando and give customers the freedom to move.

Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca, Iowa

6 haunted houses and their grisly stories

Our goal is to make buying & selling your home less scary—but the stories of these haunted houses are terrifying.

opendoor home selling survey atlanta

Opendoor survey: Atlantans prefer root canal over selling their home

Atlanta homeowners would rather get a root canal than sell a home, according to a survey released by Opendoor.

The effect of school performance on local home prices

Opendoor's research in Phoenix shows that school quality has a disproportionately high impact on housing prices.

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