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Product Updates

Opendoor expanding to Raleigh Durham

Opendoor launches in Raleigh-Durham to help buyers and sellers beat the heat

The tri-city region of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill is Opendoor's newest market.

Opendoor expands to Orlando Florida

Opendoor is bringing simplified home buying and selling to Orlando

Could you sell your home as easily you could sell a car? Now, it's possible in Orlando.

keep your feelings in check when selling your home

How does Opendoor make money?

We explain our business model for our mission to radically simplify the home selling and buying experience.

important things to repair when selling home

What to expect from Opendoor’s home assessment and repair process

Our goal at Opendoor is to simplify the home selling process, so naturally, we simplified how repairs work.

home size factor for home value

How Opendoor calculates your home’s value

We explain all the steps and factors of our home valuation process, aimed at giving you a fair market offer.

How do Opendoor’s costs compare to a traditional sale?

We explain Opendoor's service charge and the dramatically simplified selling experience it enables.

Introducing Opendoor Trade-in

With Opendoor Trade-In, we’ve made the process of selling and buying a home as easy as trading in a car.

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