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homes you can't find anywhere else

Skip the bidding wars. Self-tour and buy off-market homes at exclusive prices. We even offer an Appraisal Price Match Guarantee.

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Currently only available in Austin and Houston, TX

Various styles of Opendoor exclusive homes. New homes get dropped every Thursday and are exclusive to Opendoor for 14 days.


Say goodbye to

bidding wars

Never be outbid again. Find a home you love, sign the contract, and it’s yours. It’s that simple.

Exclusive prices

for 14 days

Beat the market. Our off-market Exclusive price is less than what they will list at on the public market.

Appraisal Price

Match Guarantee

Simply pay the off-market exclusive price for the home. If it is appraised for less, we’ll match it. Learn more.

Back out anytime

Get your money back

You can back out anytime before closing, and still get 100% of your earnest money deposit back.

See what our customers have to say

We’ve heard of the term picture-perfect, that’s how I’d describe the Opendoor Exclusive experience. The whole process was great from the moment we saw the home to the time we closed, which took maybe 6-7 weeks. I never expected it to close that quickly. I've heard friends say it takes 3 months or longer to close. Even my realtor was shocked that Opendoor honored the Appraisal Match.

Joe Godina
Closed on April 12, 2022

Appraisal Price Matched

With Opendoor Exclusives, all the things that stressed us out about buying a house in the hot market like Austin were out of the question. There was no bidding war. There were no concerns about the appraisal with Appraisal Match Guarantee. We are very happy that we could benefit from the Exclusive Listings program by finding a place we call home now.

Michael and Alla Degtyarev
Closed on April 7, 2022

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Monthly new homes dropped in Austin and Houston


Homes bought directly from Opendoor


Matched via Appraisal Price Match Guarantee

184 exclusives homes in Austin and Houston

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Vinay Ramesh | Product Specialist
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