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What is the Appraisal Price Match Guarantee?

If you are financing the purchase of the Property, and the appraised price of the Property is lower than the purchase price, we will reduce the purchase price to the appraised price, up to a maximum purchase price reduction of $50,000, so long as: (a) your lender is a duly licensed residential mortgage lender, (b) you provide us with an appraisal for the Property from your lender that is dated no earlier than the executed date of the Contract, and (c) your lender used an independent, licensed appraiser retained through an appraisal management company to generate the appraisal.

The Guarantee applies to the original Exclusive price. It does not apply to the increased price in the event you choose to Finance Agent Commission.

The Guarantee is only available while the home is an Exclusive. Once we list the home on the MLS, the Guarantee no longer applies.

Opendoor Exclusives homes are owned and advertised by Opendoor and its affiliated companies. No listing, advertising, or marketing services are provided by, and no commissions received by, the Opendoor Brokerages as part of the Exclusives program.

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