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122 N Ridge Cir
Mesa, AZ

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$173K - $201K

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Your Home
122 N Ridge Cir
Mesa, AZ - 85203

Estimated at

$173K - $201K
3 bed 1.75 bath • 1132 ft² • 1979

Lot size: 7562 ft²

Garage spaces: 0

Private pool: None

Floors: 1

Comparable Homes
260 N Hill
Mesa, AZ - 85203

$180K     A
3 bed 2 bath • 1162 ft²
47 Days on market
Closed on 2017-11-30
$5397 in seller concessions
Better Than Yours
Bath +0.25
Living area +30 ft²
Lot size +1690 ft²
Worse Than Yours
10 years older

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Number of bedrooms
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Number of bathrooms
Your home has more bathrooms than 8% of homes in your neighborhood. On average, homes in your neighborhood have 2.3 bathrooms.

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