Close with confidence and earn rewards with Agent Access

Include an Opendoor cash offer as an option for your Seller clients and get access to rewards and exclusive perks to grow your business.

Opendoor is a great tool in an agent's tool belt. Being a fiduciary means using every tool to meet your client's needs. Sometimes that means going on the open market. Sometimes that means selling to an investor like Opendoor to take advantage of a fast closing to be non-contingent, to minimize people walking through the home of someone who's immuno-compromised, or to creatively satisfy another obstacle.

Andi Blackwell
Principal OR Broker, Blackwell & Co. Realty Group

How it Works

Here at Opendoor, we have created our Agent Access program with exciting and exclusive rewards to say ‘thank you’ to our amazing Agent customers.

Earn points for each seller-represented transaction you close with Opendoor to unlock exciting rewards. The best part? These commissions and bonuses are on top of the commission you've agreed to with your clients.

Member: 0-2 transactions

1st - 2nd transaction
1% commision per acquisition

Silver: 3-9 transactions

3rd transaction
1% commision + $5,000 bonus
4th-9th transactions
1% commision (each) + $1,000 bonus

Gold: 10-19 transactions

10th transaction
1% commision + $5,000 bonus
11th-19th transactions
1% commision (each) + $1,500 bonus

Platinum: 20 transactions

20th transaction
1% commision + $10,000 bonus


Why did Opendoor Brokerage create this program?

We heard from agents that they wanted new ways to grow and invest in their business.

How do I join the program?

Just request an offer and include your mls id - you’re automatically eligible.

How do I earn points?

For a transaction to qualify for points, request an offer and include your mls id, have a license in good standing, and represent the customer in a closed transaction with Opendoor. Payments will be made at closing.

Some additional terms to be aware of are:

  • Program only offered where permitted by law.
  • Opendoor Brokerage Agents and agents with an alternative fee arrangement with Opendoor Brokerage are excluded.
  • Agents working on behalf of, or providing agency for, an institutional Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) are excluded.
  • We may modify or discontinue rewards at any time. We will notify participants of these changes by email, as well as update this website.
  • Points are accrued on an annual basis from when escrow is opened on an eligible transaction.
  • If you haven’t had any closed transactions for over 1 year, all previously accrued points will be lost.
How do I check my points balance and redeem rewards?
  • Include your mls_id in your offer request
  • Points will be awarded upon close of escrow
How does this work with your agent partner program?

This is separate from our Agent Partner Program. Agent Access is focused on helping agents refer listings to Opendoor, not listing or buying with Opendoor.

Opendoor’s Agent Access program and all advertising and marketing associated is provided by Opendoor Labs Inc.
All commissions are paid through the Opendoor Brokerages.