Reflections on Grace Hopper Celebration

Two of our engineers share how the largest gathering of women technologists globally shaped their perspective.

Taming missing features at serving time

Our data scientists show how covariate shift can impact home valuations and a trick to tame it.

Understanding how busy roads affect home values

How our data science team is modeling the impact of road noise on home values.

Why we use S3Guard with S3 as a filesystem for Spark

Using S3Guard to solve an important challenge with distributed system consistency.

Liquidity modeling in real estate using survival analysis

Learn how our data science team builds predictive models to understand how long a home will take to sell.

Imputing text data using markov random fields

Learn how our data science team is using machine learning to improve how our valuation model interprets subdivisions.

the intuition behind opendoor home pricing

Why ensembling works: The intuition behind Opendoor’s home pricing

We explain how our data science team leverages machine learning and ensemble modeling to price homes.