How a postcard led an Atlanta couple to a better future

October 30, 2017 — Written by Cristin Culver

Abby and John lived in a gorgeous home in an Atlanta suburb, but had an inkling that they wanted to make a change. The married duo own and operate their own business from home, so their house is more than just a place to sleep and play – it is the center of their world – and it needed to be fully functional for both parts of their lives.

One day, Abby checked the mail, and mixed in a pile of catalogs and bills, was a bright and shiny postcard from Opendoor. “We’d been thinking about moving, and wanted to relocate further out of the city, so the postcard was perfectly timed,” Abby recalls.

A Healthy Dose of Skepticism and Curiosity

“We are skeptical people, but we were very curious about what Opendoor was offering on their home. Since it was brand new to Atlanta, John did a ton of research, and at the end of the day, he felt Opendoor had a good reputation in other markets, and it was worth checking out.”

They requested an offer and were pleased with what they saw in their inbox. “We felt the offer was very competitive, and we were excited!” But that ‘perfect timing’ wasn’t so perfect anymore since they hadn’t found their new house yet. So, Abby and John let their Opendoor offer expire, but it lit a fire underneath them to find that next house, knowing that an offer from Opendoor was there and ready when the timing was right.

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Pretty soon after, Abby and John found their new house: a gorgeous new build in a brand new development, and they were again reminded that timing is everything. Because they found their new house when it was close to being completed, the builder was offering them $5,000 in free upgrades if they could complete the purchase quickly.

john and abby in opendoor customer storyJohn and Abby in front of their new home in Atlanta.

They could confidently say “yes!” to the builder and the incredible financial opportunity because Opendoor was on deck to buy their current home on the timeline that worked best for them.

Second Time’s a Charm

Armed with their second offer from Opendoor, Abby and John began the process to sell their home to Opendoor, but the skepticism creeped back in. “In my mind, the biggest hang-up was thinking to myself, ‘what will come back on the inspection?'” After a thorough inspection, Abby and John’s repair costs came back at zero dollars. Their beautiful, well-maintained home was in excellent condition.

To Abby, that sealed the deal that they could move on and feel assured and comfortable in their decision. “We were skeptical, but for our situation, it was the perfect option. We had done work on the house, we put in the time and money, and we were ultimately rewarded when we sold to Opendoor.”

Timed Right, From Start To Finish

For Abby and John, timing was the theme of their whole home selling and buying journey, and waiting was the only challenge. Abby said she wondered, “is this closing really going to be as easy as this whole process?” And it was. “Dennis, the final inspector, was amazing, and the closing was super smooth. The entire process has just been so simple and easy, and it would have been way worse going the traditional route. We wouldn’t have been able to move into our current house that we hope to stay in for at least a decade. This move is a really big deal for us and our future.”

Thinking back on that day at the mailbox, Abby said, “Marketing is usually junk mail in your mailbox, but sometimes it’s exactly what you need, right when you need it.”

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