Opendoor is expanding to Orlando

November 7, 2017 — Written by Opendoor

In the Sunshine State, the housing market is looking, well…sunny!

Prices are up 9.55% in 2017, and the median price for a home in Orlando is $225,000, an increase from $199,900 in January 2017. It’s a healthy housing market for both buyers and sellers, and a beautiful place to call home, which is exactly why Opendoor is excited to be Orlando’s newest neighbor.

At Opendoor, we provide a radically simplified experience for selling and buying homes. For sellers, we aim to offer fair market value for your home and take a service charge that enables us to provide world-class service from the very beginning when you receive an offer, to the very end, closing day.

Every Opendoor offer is backed by decades of local real estate expertise, recent nearby sales, and the most current market data. An Opendoor offer comes with no obligation, and breaks down the total amount, which includes our service charge, and an estimate of the customer’s net proceeds.

We also provide sellers with a free home assessment and a fair cost estimate of any repairs a buyer is likely to request. This allows sellers to skip the work and the hassle and move on.

All About Orlando

Although the market is heating up in Orlando, it still takes over 36 days on market, on average, to sell a home. For someone looking to make their next move, that’s an eternity. Opendoor is coming to Orlando to offer certainty, speed and most importantly, simplicity, to home sellers who need just that in order to move on to the next phase of their life.

Every housing market is unique, and Orlando is no different. Florida has a high rate of non-owner occupied homes, which poses a logistical challenge when you want to sell that home. You’re not there to paint the house, show it, and ultimately sell it. Opendoor can help those sellers quickly and easily.

For homeowners living in their homes, selling to Opendoor also allows you to skip the hassle of pre-listing renovations and upgrades, as well as the stress home showings, open houses and maintaining a perfect ‘show ready’ home.

For buyers, there’s a challenge, because Orlando is seeing a high concentration of cash buyers and buyers coming from international markets. That’s putting pressure on the market and on homebuyers.

Opendoor can be the solution for those would-be buyers who need to be competitive in order to get their dream home. Homeowners who sell to Opendoor can then move on to their next home with both confidence…and cash in hand.

Orlando is a city that is already on the map, and simultaneously on the rise. Opendoor is excited to plant roots in the growing, vibrant community and give customers the freedom to move.

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