Rocking into Music City: Opendoor launches in Nashville

August 14, 2018 — Written by Kelsey Pfeffer

Opendoor is now live and rocking in Nashville, Tennessee, and we’re expanding our footprint to empower more people with the freedom to move. To find out more about the best pizza, what a goo-goo cluster is, and what it’s like to work at Opendoor, we’ve chatted with our Head of Homes, Ruth Franczyk, to get a local’s take on Music City.

Q: Tell me about your background!

A: I’m an oddity, in that I’m a woman who has been in the construction industry my entire life. I went to school for architecture and fell in love with construction. My experience is split between commercial and residential, but residential has always been my passion. I love homes. New homes, old homes, big homes, small homes. The space we live in affects us, and a lot of people don’t realize that’s the case.”

Q: What attracted you to Opendoor?

A: The opportunity to work at Opendoor is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I was at a point in my career where I wasn’t learning or growing. I thought I hit my peak and was thinking that a job change would offer me more of the same challenges.

I hadn’t worked for a company like Opendoor, and was shocked that I was looking into working at a ‘tech company.’ But, the more I talked to people at Opendoor … the more I became intrigued and more impressed with how customer-obsessed this company is. I truly believe it’s the wave of the future, and I’m so fortunate to be here now.

“The opportunity to work at Opendoor is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.”

Q: In your own words, describe your role?

I’m Head of Homes, I honestly think that my role is head cheerleader of my team. My job is to make sure my team has everything they need to do their job well and support them and make sure they are getting the best work experience and work environment, so they can translate that to the best experience for our customers.

My job also allows me to visit Opendoor homes that we’re selling. I’m inspired when I can be there to put my eyes on the home and talk to potential buyers. It’s super important, because they’re our customer and I want to make sure they understand our process from beginning-to-end. All the customers I talk to love our process, it’s filling a need that hasn’t been actualized until this point. A common comment that I often hear is “we’ve needed this for a long time.”

Q: Walk me through how you felt when Opendoor sold its first home in Nashville?

A: I was so proud. Our first home sale was on Hammack Drive and I will never forget it. We obsessed over that home the same way new parents obsess over their first child. After renovations, we had an offer on that home in four days and that validated all of our efforts. Once the home sold, I asked the owner if we could take a picture with her because she’s somewhat of a local celebrity in our eyes.

Q: What makes the Opendoor Nashville team unique?

A: We all come from different backgrounds and a lot of my coworkers have lived in various places all over the U.S. which helps us understand a wider range of the customers we serve. We’re all able to bring unique perspectives which makes our team better as a whole.

Q: What kind of employees are you looking for in Nashville?

A: The #1 requirement to work with our team is to be a good team player and to be able to communicate. You have to be open and receptive to feedback and be able to provide feedback.
We can train anyone and teach anyone, but you have to be willing to learn.

Q: What’s your favorite Nashville music venue?

A: Wild Horse Saloon. But it’s tough to choose one because great music is everywhere and that’s what makes Nashville unique. You can see a great show on a street corner.

Q: What’s your favorite local restaurant?

A: The team will say that it’s 5 Points Pizza. I have a pizza fetish because I’m from Chicago so I have pizza in my blood. I’m a fan of all good pizza I like deep dish, I like thin crust … I like it all as long as it’s true to its form.

Q: Favorite local weekend activity?

A: I love playing tourist in Nashville. I love going downtown to the honky tonks. We have golf carts in the city that are fun to hop on and hop off. Anytime someone comes to town I take them on a “golf cart tour of Nashville.”

Q: Favorite weekend getaway?

A: I really like Chattanooga. We also have a lot of rivers and smaller bodies of freshwater in little Tennessee which is great because my husband and I love to kayak.

Q: What are your favorite “fun facts” about Nashville?

A: Nashville is known for these delicious goo-goo clusters which is a peanut, nougat, marshmallow, caramel and chocolate covered hot-mess candy bar. Also, one of our original classic skyscrapers, the AT&T building, is informally called the “Batman Building” because it looks like his mask, and is one of the signature skyline features.

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