Packing your pod: preparing for a multi-stage move

December 15, 2015 — Written by Jd Ross

Moving is a chore, no matter when or why. But if your move will take place over multiple stages – different things moved at different times – you’ll face a whole new level of complexity. No matter the reason for your multi-stage move, you’ll want to ensure that all of your belongings are handled appropriately and ready to be reunited at your final destination. Using a storage pod can be a great way to handle relocation – and when you use these five tips for packing your pod, you’ll get your move off to a great start.

Plan on Paper First

While you may not want or need to write out an entire inventory of your goods that will be moved, putting pen to paper can be the most beneficial step in prepping and packing your pod. First, you’ll be developing lists to determine which items need to go in the pod and then evaluating what remains to be moved during later stages of your relocation. Seeing your belongings written out can help you to determine those items that you can live without while they are in the pod, and those things you’ll need to keep at home until the rest of your things are packed.

Another benefit to inventorying your home prior to packing your pod is to prepare for a worst-case scenario. Accidents happen and sometimes items are damaged in the process of moving. Having a list of belongings can also help expedite any insurance claims you’ll need to file.

Measure Generously

Pods come in a variety of different sizes, offered by several different providers. Before choosing the size you want to use for your move, measure your belongings generously, using the lists you created during the last step. Getting a second pod after the fact because you underestimated the amount of goods to be moved can be far pricier than ordering a bigger pod to begin with.

Most pod purveyors offer guidance on their websites as to how many rooms of belongings will fit in the storage container. In addition to measuring your belongings generously, you should also err on the side of caution and use the lower end of space estimates. You’ll be boxing some belongings and wrapping others in bubble wrap or moving blankets and that can fill the space quickly.

Pack Carefully

It’s easier to pack and unpack a moving truck than a pod, simply because items are typically on a moving truck much less time than in a pod. That means your belongings will have less time to shift and settle in a truck than pod. Pack your pod accordingly, ensuring heavy items are on the bottom, delicate items are appropriately braced and blanketed, and the space is well filled to prevent movement during transit.

Insure Items to Ensure Peace of Mind

The belongings in your pod may be covered by different types of insurance. First, the company that is responsible for delivering, storing and moving your pod may insure against catastrophic damage – a scenario where a pod may end up significantly damaged due to unforeseen circumstances. Second, you can often buy supplementary insurance to cover the items inside your pod – issues that may arise from items shifting or breaking during transit. And finally, your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may cover certain items in special circumstances. Speak with your insurance agent to see what your in-force policies may cover before deciding on supplemental insurance.

Planning ahead, insuring against worst-case scenarios and packing practically can ensure that your multi-stage pod move will be a success.

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