Welcoming Skylight & Pro.com to the Opendoor family

September 7, 2021 — Written by Eric Wu

Our goal at Opendoor is to build a generational company that transforms the traditional real estate transaction into a seamless, digital consumer experience. The Opendoor team has made tremendous progress on our mission to empower everyone with the freedom to move. While we’ve completed 100,000+ customer transactions, achieved record levels of home offers and sales conversion, and delivered an exceptional customer experience with a seller Net Promoter Score above 80, we are not standing still. We continue to operate, execute and invent with urgency towards our goal to build the digital one-stop-shop to buy and sell a home for millions of homeowners.  

Today I’m excited to share that we’re growing the Opendoor team with the addition of the Skylight and Pro.com teams. The core of what will drive our ability to achieve our mission is talent and culture. The additions of the Skylight and Pro.com teams will bring on like-minded founders and teammates who care deeply about transforming housing. While their platforms will be sunsetted, the talent and technology of each team will help us scale and accelerate our roadmap. Here is why we are so energized by these companies:


The team at Skylight, led by co-founders Jasper Malcolmson and Fiona Lake Waslander, has been focused on making the complex, costly, and offline process of home personalization more seamless and digital. Sound familiar? It’s because their mission and obsession for perfecting the customer experience aligns with us and their path of vertically integrating and doing the hard things in service of customers is also how we operate. 


At Pro.com, co-founders Matt Williams and Raji Subramanian built a world-class team with deep experience in merging operations and technology at scale. With many teammates from Amazon and the rest operating with the same level of customer obsession, rigor and discipline, Pro.com digitized the renovation market with a best in class customer experience. Before Pro.com, Matt and Raji spent eight years together at Amazon, helping build Amazon.com, as well as AWS.

Like Opendoor, both of these teams start and end with the customer, operate with a startup mentality, and act from ownership. I’m excited to grow our already exceptional team in service of building a best-in-class consumer experience that is simple, certain, fast, and trusted for our customers.  

Eric Wu is the CEO and co-founder of Opendoor.