Frequently Asked Questions

What is Opendoor?
How is selling to Opendoor different than selling the traditional way?
How is Opendoor different from Zillow, Trulia, and
Is Opendoor a home flipper?
What types of homes does Opendoor purchase?
In what cities does Opendoor buy and sell homes?
How do I request an offer from Opendoor?
How long is the Opendoor offer good for?
How does my Opendoor home value differ from others like the Zestimate?
Why should I sell to Opendoor?
How does selling to Opendoor work?
What does it cost to sell to Opendoor?
Can I sell to Opendoor if I’m already working with an agent?
How do you determine the offer price for my home?
Can I negotiate the Opendoor offer?
What happens to my home after I’ve sold it to Opendoor?
I made improvements to my home. Will that increase the offer price?
How long does the home selling process take?
How does the Opendoor repair estimate work?
What types of repairs does Opendoor charge for?
Why does Opendoor do a home condition assessment?
What if repairs are needed on my home?
Can I change my close date while I’m in contract?
Can I stay in my home after my close date?
When do I need to move out of the house?
What happens to my appliances when I move out?
What happens at the final walkthrough?
How does the closing process work?
How does my mortgage get paid off?
What is a survey and how do I know if I need one?
Why should I buy an Opendoor home?
How does buying from Opendoor work?
How do I visit an Opendoor home?
What does it cost to purchase a home from Opendoor?
What’s different about Opendoor homes?
How many homes does Opendoor have available for sale?
What is the Opendoor Guarantee?
How can I buy an Opendoor home?
I have an agent already. Can I buy an Opendoor home?
How long does the home buying process take?
Do I need to qualify for financing before I submit an offer?
Do you negotiate on the price?
Should I buy a home warranty?
How does an Opendoor Trade-In work?
Can I trade in my home even if I don’t purchase an Opendoor home?
I’m an agent. How do I work with Opendoor?
I hear Opendoor is trying to cut agents out of real estate. Is that true?
Will I still get a commission when I work with Opendoor?
Do you work with outside agents?
I have a listing and I’d like to get an offer from Opendoor. How does that work?
What happens if my client asks Opendoor for an offer directly?
My buyer wants to write a contract on one of your properties. What’s next?
You don’t use lockboxes. How do I get into an Opendoor home?
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