As an agent, will I still get a commission when I work with Opendoor?

Of course! Our brokerages paid more than $50 million in commissions and referrals to other brokerages in 2018, and more than $133 million in 2019. It’s important for us to honor any agency agreements you have in place. 

We work with both buyer and seller agents.

If your client buys a home from Opendoor, you will be paid a commission. All co-broke commissions are advertised in our MLS listings.

Similarly, Opendoor works with listing agents to help their clients sell their homes. If you have a listing agreement in place, we’ll honor it. Your client pays you the listing commission and pays Opendoor’s brokerage the buying commission. We deduct the buyer agent commission from our service charge. Learn more

You can earn a 1% commission fee from Opendoor Brokerage for referring a seller to Opendoor. 

To qualify, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • You as the agent or broker must have an active license in good standing.
  • The seller or you have not requested or received an offer directly from Opendoor for the seller’s home in the last 30 days. 
  • You must submit a referral claim prior to the seller entering into contract with Opendoor.
  • Opendoor and the seller must go into contract within 30 days of the mutually signed agreement.

To submit a referral claim, fill out this agreement and email it to

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