Will I still get a commission when I work with Opendoor?

Of course! Our brokerages paid more than $50M in commissions and referrals to other brokerages in 2018. It’s important for us to honor any agency agreements you have in place. 

We work with both buyer and seller agents.

If your client buys a home from Opendoor, you will be paid a competitive commission. All co-broke commissions are advertised in our MLS listings.

Similarly, Opendoor works with listing agents to help their clients sell their homes. If you have a listing agreement in place, we’ll honor it. Your client pays you the listing commission and pays Opendoor’s brokerage the buying commission. We deduct the buyer agent commission from our service charge.

If you don’t have a listing agreement in place, you can earn a 1% bonus for referring a home seller to Opendoor’s brokerage, similar to a broker-to-broker referral. You may be eligible if you are not collecting a listing commission and your client hasn’t requested an offer in the last 30 days.

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