Can I use my own agent to buy with Opendoor?

In a nutshell, it depends on what home you want to buy and where.

To purchase a home owned by Opendoor

If you are currently working with a real estate agent, we can work with your agent to help you purchase an Opendoor home. You can use our app to browse Opendoor homes in your area and instantly self-tour homes (no appointment needed). When the time comes to make an offer, simply have your agent submit the offer on your behalf.

Important: Due to the nature of real estate transactions, Opendoor must direct all communications regarding the sale to your agent. If you would like to receive any updates on the sale, you’ll need to contact your agent. 

To purchase any home on the market (available in select cities)

If you’re looking to buy any home on the market (i.e. homes not owned by Opendoor), unfortunately, we’re unable to assist you on any homes where you’re already working with an agent due to procuring cause. In real estate, the agent responsible for producing (or procuring) a buyer for a property has what is called procuring cause, or the right to claim some or all of the commission due to the buying agent.

If you decide that you want to explore different home buying options, reach out to us to learn more about how we can help.

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