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Sellers FAQs

What is a survey and how do I know if I need one?
How does my mortgage get paid off?
What happens at the final walkthrough?
What happens to my appliances when I move out?
When do I need to move out of the house?
Can I stay in my home after my close date?
Can I change my close date while I’m in contract?
What if repairs are needed on my home?
Why does Opendoor do a home condition assessment?
What types of repairs does Opendoor charge for?
What is closing and recording?
What is escrow?
How much are closing costs?
How does the Opendoor repair estimate work?
How does the closing process work when you sell to Opendoor?
How long does the home selling process take?
What if I forgot to include information about my home?
I made improvements to my home. Will that increase the offer price?
What happens to my home after I’ve sold it to Opendoor?
What is an offer review and why do I need one?
Can I negotiate the Opendoor offer?
Can I trade in a home while working with a home builder?
Does someone come out to value my home?
How does Opendoor determine the offer price for my home?
Can I sell to Opendoor if I’m already working with an agent?
What happens after I request an offer from Opendoor?
Why should I sell to Opendoor?
How do I request a cash offer from Opendoor?
How does selling to Opendoor work?
How is selling to Opendoor different than selling the traditional way?
What types of homes does Opendoor purchase?

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