How can I lower my service charge by 2% if I trade-in?

Buy with Opendoor service areas only

You’ll receive 2% off the Opendoor service charge when: (1) you sell your home directly to Opendoor, (2) you use an Opendoor Home Advisor or Opendoor on-demand Partner Agent to purchase any home on the market in Buy with Opendoor markets and (3) the purchase and sale take place within a month of each other.

How you’ll receive the funds:

  1. You’ll receive up to 1% of the purchase price of your new home, via the buyer refund or direct buyer credit (in the form of a seller credit if you’re buying an Opendoor home or a commission refund if you’re buying any home on the market using an on-demand partner agent), at the closing of your new home purchase.
  2. You’ll get 1% of your home sale back in the form of a buyer credit at the closing of your home sale to Opendoor, increasing your net proceeds.

In the scenario that the 2% of your home sale back trade-in promotion is not met by the combination of credits above (on both the home you are selling and buying), Opendoor will credit the outstanding amount directly to you.

To learn more, email or speak with your Home Advisor.


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