How does Opendoor determine the offer price for my home?

Opendoor empowers you to receive a competitive offer on your home in just a few clicks, saving you from the stress and hassle that comes with listing your home on the market. Every offer is backed by a combination of local real estate expertise and the most current market data.
We take hundreds of factors into consideration, including:

  1. The information that you submitted about your home, including its special features and upgrades (Sending photos can be really helpful)!
  2. Current local market trends like home price appreciation or depreciation.
  3. Recent sales of similar homes (a.k.a “comps”). First, we find homes that are within a half mile of yours that have similar features, and use them as a baseline for your home’s price. Then we make line item adjustments. For example, if your home has granite countertops, and the comparable home doesn’t, we’ll give you credit for the upgrade.

You can read even more about how we calculate your home’s value on our blog.

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