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We are currently buying homes in select markets. Learn more about our ongoing safety measures, and the latest home buying and selling options in your area.

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How do I buy a house with Opendoor?

We’re here to help you find, tour, buy, and save on fees for any home on the market, whether it’s an Opendoor-owned home or another home you’re interested in. There are several ways to buy with Opendoor, with varying levels of support and cost savings. Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the experience of buying a home has changed to ensure the safety of our customers, and employees. Be sure to check your area to see what’s available. 

You can learn more about how we’re approaching home touring safety during this time here. Feel free to contact with questions.

Ways to buy a home with Opendoor

  • To buy an Opendoor-owned home, you can buy from us directly, get paired with an Opendoor partner agent or use your own agent
  • To buy any home on the market, we’ll pair you with an Opendoor partner agent

Buying an Opendoor-owned home

Ways to buy Buy directly from Opendoor Get paired with an Opendoor partner agent Use your own agent
Cities where available Check here for service areas
Support level Light (self-service) High (full service) High (full service)
Customer savings $$ $ $

Buying any home on the market

Homes you can buy Homes not owned by Opendoor
Ways to buy Get paired with an Opendoor partner agent
Cities where available Check here for service areas
Support level Medium (self-service with on-demand agent support)
Customer savings $$

Ready to buy? Here’s what’s next

Find a home

You can browse thousands of listings on our mobile app or by visiting (and then find your city). All of the relevant home info and market data is at your fingertips. Save or share your favorite listings or select “tour” to get directions to a home you’re interested in. 

In select cities, you can browse all homes on the market, not just Opendoor homes, through our app. 

Visit a home when it’s convenient for you

If you’re visiting an Opendoor home, you can tour our homes on your schedule, any day of the week from 6am to 9pm–no appointment needed. When you arrive at the door, use the Opendoor app to instantly unlock the home and get inside. Alternatively, you can use our text-to-enter service to gain access. 

In select cities, you can book a free, on-demand tour for any home through the Opendoor app.

Learn more about how to visit homes with Opendoor.

You’ve got buying options

When you select “Buying options” on any listing, you can choose the buying options described in the table above.

Submit an offer simple and stress-free

Congratulations! The offer submission process differs slightly depending on whether you’re purchasing an Opendoor home or a non-Opendoor home (select cities only). Learn more about submitting an offer.

In select cities, when you select “Start an offer” for any home on the MLS, you have the option to be introduced to an Opendoor partner agent, who will support you as little or as much as you need in the process.

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