How does selling to Opendoor work?

We enable you to sell your home without listing on the market and move on your own timeline; no listings, no showings, and no months of uncertainty about when and where you’ll move to next. It’s a simpler, less stressful process, often called iBuying in the real estate industry. Here’s what it looks like:

  1. Request an offer

Enter your address at, and tell us a bit about your home. You’ll then receive a competitive offer backed by local real estate expertise and current market data. Your offer will break down all of the transaction costs from our service charge, to closing costs, and an estimate of repairs. You’ll also have an estimate of the net proceeds you can expect to take home after closing. The offer is free, and there’s no obligation.

  1. Free home condition assessment

If you’re happy with your offer, you can e-sign the purchase agreement online. We’ll then connect you with a personal Home Advisor and arrange for a free Home Condition Assessment. Following the assessment, we’ll agree on any repairs that need to be made. You can choose to skip the work and have us handle the repairs after you move out. We’ll just ask for a credit to cover the costs, and we can pass wholesale savings from our vendors directly to you. Alternatively, you can choose to do the repairs yourself and send us photos and documentation after they are complete.

Read our in-depth guide on how Opendoor’s home assessment and repairs work.

  1. Close when you’re ready

We’ll walk you through the steps of the closing process. You choose your closing date—the timeline is up to you. After closing, you get paid within a few days and move on to the next big thing.

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