How does the closing process work when you sell to Opendoor?

The goal of the closing process is to transfer money to the seller and give the buyer the keys plus legal ownership of the home. In the traditional process, this typically takes between 40-50 days. With Opendoor, you choose your closing date so it can take anywhere from 14-60 days–the timeline is up to you. Similar to a traditional sale, your closing costs will usually be about 1-3% of the sale price, and your offer will break these down.

We’ll connect you with a dedicated Closing Manager—they’ll be your main point of contact to make sure your closing process is as smooth as possible. Here’s what each step will look like:

  1. Schedule and Sign

Once you’ve signed the Opendoor purchase agreement, we’ll contact you to schedule a time for a free home condition assessment. The title and escrow company will send you a “Welcome packet” so you can fill out all of the information they require in one place. You’ll then return this packet to them. The sooner they receive it, the sooner you can close.

  1. Repairs and final walkthrough

Following your home condition assessment, we’ll send you a breakdown of the findings with a cost estimate of the repairs. You can choose to skip the work and have us handle the repairs after you move out. We’ll ask for a credit to cover the costs, and we can pass wholesale savings from our vendors on to you. Because our business is fee-based, we don’t aim to profit from repairs, we only ask for credits to cover the exact cost of making the repairs.

As an alternative, you can choose to do the repairs yourself and send us photos and documentation after they are complete. Once we’ve agreed on repairs, you’ll schedule the final walkthrough. This can be done as early as two days before closing or as late as the morning of closing.

  1. Close and receive your funds

The title and escrow company will assist with the financial and legal paperwork needed to complete the sale. An agent from the title and escrow company will schedule a time for you to sign the closing documents; they can help with any questions you have.

You may choose to have a mobile notary come to you, or you can sign at the title office. It’s best to sign before your closing day to avoid any last-minute delays. Once you’ve signed your final documents and completed your final walk-through, your home is sold. The escrow company will disburse the funds. We’ll handle the transfer of utilities on the day of closing. You can kick back and celebrate.

Ask the title and escrow company about your:

  • Mortgage
  • HOA
  • Liens
  • Deed
  • Taxes
  • Debts
  • Settlement statement
  • Signing of final paperwork
  • Notarization
  • Wiring of funds

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