How does working with a partner agent differ from buying directly?

You have two options for buying a home owned by Opendoor. The first is to buy directly from us with the help of an Opendoor Home Advisor without using a real estate agent. The second is for our brokerage to pair you with a local buying agent on a referral basis. Let’s look at how both of those options play out:


Buying Directly

If you choose to work directly with Opendoor, your offer will be sent to an Opendoor Home Advisor, who will reach out to you to answer your questions and support you from offer to close.

They will be there to help at every stage of the process, from finding a lender to getting more information on Opendoor homes. Once your offer is accepted, they’ll send over a customized contract for you to sign for your new house.


Pairing with a third-party partner agent

If you choose to be paired with an Opendoor partner agent to buy an Opendoor or non-Opendoor home, your offer will be sent to a local agent for review.

After being matched with you and reviewing your offer, your agent will reach out to help answer any questions you have about the home or the buying process and help you to craft an offer strategy. They’ll use their local expertise to help you create and submit the most competitive offer that works for you.

Once you’re ready, the partner agent will submit it on your behalf. They will also guide you through all other aspects of the process from negotiations to inspections — all the way through close.


Save 1%

Whether you choose to buy an Opendoor home directly from Opendoor or work with one of our local partner agents to buy any home, you will save up to 1% of the final purchase price.

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