How does Opendoor differ from other services like Zillow and Offerpad?

We’re often credited with creating a new category within real estate. We built a new way to buy, sell, and trade-in a home, and other similar services soon followed. Opendoor has served over 40,000 customers across the US—we know the process better than anyone else.

More flexibility when selling

We don’t just display listings or estimate home values, we give homeowners a competitive offer and allow them to move on their own timeline. Compared to competitors like Zillow Instant Offers and Offerpad, we offer more flexibility.

With Opendoor, you can cancel the sale at anytime before closing, for any reason without a penalty. Our offers are valid for five days so you have time to plan and make the best decision possible. We also offer a 14-day late checkout (rent-back option) so our customers can extend their moving timeline if needed. See how we stack up to the competition directly or request an offer on your home.

Hundreds of listings in 20 cities

Opendoor is actively buying and selling homes in 20 metropolitan areas, the most of any of our direct competitors. In contrast to the traditional process, we’re making it easier for home buyers to find their next home. Tour any Opendoor-owned home on any day of the week from 6am to 9pm, no appointment needed. Just use the Opendoor app or our text-to-enter service to gain access when you arrive.

Here’s more info on how to visit an Opendoor home or view our listings to get started finding your next home. Also, now in Dallas-Fort Worth and Phoenix, you can buy any home listed on the market, and get up to a 50% commission refund.

Largest trade-in program

We have the nation’s largest home trade in program, allowing you to buy and sell your home in one seamless experience—no double mortgages, no waiting months to sell before you can buy, and no need to move multiple times. Additionally, we have the largest network of home builder partnerships with companies like Lennar and Toll Brothers. Sell to Opendoor and build your next home with one of our partners; you can close on both homes on the same day.

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