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We are taking extended measures for the health and safety of our communities, including making updates to our home buying and selling processes.

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How is selling to Opendoor different than selling the traditional way?

We created a new model for selling a home, often called iBuying. Sellers who work with Opendoor skip the costly preparation, frequent showings, and months of uncertainty that come with the traditional process. Instead of listing your home on the market and waiting to find a buyer, Opendoor purchases your home from you. You also get to choose your close date to avoid expensive double-moves, double-mortgages and storage units.

Opendoor aims to offer a fair market value for your home and takes a single service charge that enables us to provide a streamlined experience from offer to closing. The charge typically falls between 6-8% and goes no higher than 14% based on how long we predict it will take to sell the home. Our service charge also helps us cover costs like maintenance, utilities, and taxes while we’re holding the home so you can move on to what’s next.

For additional information, check out our blog post on how Opendoor’s cost compare with a traditional home sale.

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