How do I request a cash offer from Opendoor?

To sell your home to Opendoor you will need to request a free offer on our website. Requesting an offer on your home from Opendoor is easy, fast, and comes with absolutely no obligation to sell. Simply enter your home address at and we’ll walk you through some quick questions about the home’s condition, features, and upgrades. We want to know about all the things that make your home special, and we’ll consider these details when generating your offer.

What happens after I request an offer from Opendoor?

After you’ve requested an offer, we’ll send you an offer via email in about 1-2 business days. From there, the process breaks down into 3 easy steps:

  1. Review and sign your offer. 

Schedule a call with your dedicated Home Advisor, who will be able to answer any questions you have about your offer and the process. When you’re ready to accept the offer, you can e-sign the purchase agreement online.

  1. Self-schedule a free home condition assessment. 

After you’ve accepted the Opendoor offer the next step is to schedule a free home condition assessment. The assessment typically takes 2-3 hours and can be scheduled around your availability. Following the assessment, if any repairs are needed, we’ll send you a repair ask. This way you’ll get to skip all the work and simply deduct repair costs from your net proceeds. If you feel the repair amount is too high, you can cancel the contract without penalty or fee.

  1. Close on your timeline. 

We’ll do a final walkthrough on the close date you chose. Then, you’ll get paid in as little as 24 hours and you’re all done!

All Opendoor offers are active for 5 days. However, you can request a refreshed offer at any time. Just ask your dedicated Opendoor Home Advisor directly, or click the refresh button on your expired offer page and we’ll present you with an updated offer right away. Please note that our offers can change based on a few factors like new comparable home sales and changing market conditions.

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