Is Opendoor a home flipper?

We are not a home flipper, and this is a common misconception about our business.

Home flippers aim to fix and flip homes for maximum price appreciation. Their business model is to buy low and sell high, whereas our model is to make an offer and provide a service. In exchange, we charge a fee for that service. The service we provide is the certainty of an all-cash offer on your home and the ability to move on your own timeline; we’re also dramatically simplifying the home selling process for a better experience overall. We’re often credited with launching what’s being called the iBuyer business model in the real estate industry.

Home flippers often target distressed properties purchased in desperate circumstances. We focus on homes that are in good condition and serve clients in many different sets of circumstances. One of the reasons we are so specific about the types of homes we purchase is because we are confident that our valuation model works well for homes that fit those criteria. Read more about the types of homes we buy and the markets we’re in.

A fee-based model

Rather than a buy-low, sell-high investment strategy, our business model is fee-based. Our service charge takes into consideration how long we predict it will take to resell your home. We take on the risk and holding costs of owning the home so our customers have the certainty of an all-cash offer and the flexibility to move when they’re ready. Currently, our service charge is a flat fee of 5%.

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