What does it cost to sell to Opendoor?

There are 3 types of costs you can expect to pay whether you’re selling to Opendoor or on the market.
  1. Selling fees

On the market, you’ll pay up to 6% in real estate agent fees. With Opendoor, you’ll pay a service charge. On average, our service charge is 6-7%, but it could be lower or higher. Our service charge varies based on how long we expect it’ll take to sell your home. It helps us offset the costs of reselling and owning your home while it’s on the market, like taxes, utilities, insurance and maintenance costs. We look at how quickly similar homes in your area are selling and factor that in to your exact service charge which will be detailed on your offer. 

  1.  Repair costs

Repair costs vary based on your home’s condition, and include repairs you do before listing to get your home “sale ready” AND repairs your buyer requests after inspection. The advantage of selling to Opendoor is you don’t have to pay for any repairs out-of-pocket or do any repair work yourself. We can take it on after you move out and simply deduct the costs from your sale proceeds.

  1. Closing costs 

You’ll pay similar closing costs in both sales. These include fees related to title insurance, escrow, recording and notarization. Then, there are some additional costs you may pay in a traditional sale that you get to avoid with Opendoor’s simplified sale. These include: 1-3% in seller concessions buyers may ask for like inspection fees and transfer taxes. And 1% for costs associated with double mortgages or double rent if you aren’t able to line up your sale with the purchase of your next home. With Opendoor,  you get to pick your close date and move just once. 

The one more cost saved by Opendoor that isn’t accounted for in the traditional process: your time and sanity. Selling to Opendoor means zero showings and complete control over your moving timeline. 
With Opendoor, you get a competitive offer with 100% transparent fees. If you have any questions about our costs, your Home Advisor is happy to chat!

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