I made improvements to my home. Will that increase the offer price?

If you’ve renovated your home, we want to know! While you’re requesting an offer, we’ll give you an opportunity to tell us about any renovations you’ve made so that we can factor them into your offer price. It’s best to provide us with multiple photos of the improvement so we can get you the most accurate offer.

One thing to keep in mind is the difference between repairs and renovations. Repairs typically refer to items that buyers expect to be in good condition before they purchase a home. For example, if an HVAC unit isn’t in working condition, or there are tiles missing for the floor, a buyer may ask for a credit to cover the costs of the repairs.

Renovations, on the other hand, are improvements made to an item in the home. Good examples of renovations are things like upgraded granite countertops, or new stainless steel appliances.

Use our Home Improvement Value Calculator to estimate how much a project will increase your home value. Or check out our blog to get more tips on how to increase the value of hour home.

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