What are Self-Tours?

Opendoor Self-Tours empower home shoppers to get up close and personal with thousands of Opendoor-owned homes across the country instantly using the Opendoor app. You can tour these homes any day of the week from 6am – 9pm, with or without your agent.

Self-Tours are super easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Opendoor App
  2. Arrive at the home you want to tour and launch the app on your mobile device
  3. The app will connect to the home and act as your key to the door
  4. Tour the home and see if it’s a good fit
  5. Once you’re done, all you need to do is leave the same way you came in ensuring that  the door is securely closed behind you

Tip: If you are in a market where we offer different tour types, you can easily filter for Self-Tour homes in the app by selecting the “Search” tab and toggling the “Opendoor homes” option on.


Helpful tips for your Self-Tour

  • Occasionally, you may encounter other home shoppers touring the same home. While it’s ok to be friendly, please give them space to enjoy their tour.
  • Bring a notepad and tape measure. Take any measurements you want and jot down helpful notes along the way.
  • Please ensure all external points of entry are locked and secured upon the completion of your tour.  Please also treat the home like your own, and don’t leave any trash behind.
  • Remember, you can use the app to find similar homes nearby and self-tour other homes for comparison.
  • If you are interested in visiting an Opendoor home located in a gated community, please note that an agent is required to grant you access to the property.  Not to worry, we will clearly identify that those homes are not eligible for a self-tour.


Why isn’t self-touring available on every home?

Instant self-tours are available on qualifying homes owned by Opendoor.

There are certain Opendoor homes (e.g., homes in gated communities) and non-Opendoor homes (those listed by private sellers) that we cannot equip with instant self-touring functionality. However, in select markets, you can use the Opendoor app to schedule a on-demand tour for any home on the market on to your schedule. You can learn more about scheduling tours for non-Opendoor homes here.

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