What types of repairs does Opendoor charge for?

When it comes to repairs, we aim to ask for only what we’ll need to spend on your home to help ensure its safety, structure, and functionality. This is the standard we pass on to the next buyer. We are not looking to charge you for upgrades. For example, we would ask to repair a cracked countertop, but we wouldn’t ask to replace a Formica countertop with granite because that’s considered an upgrade.

Examples of things we might look for include issues with the roof, windows, foundation, flooring, electrical, plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and a/c systems), and major appliances.

Our goal is to charge you only what’s necessary for us to complete the repairs and to pass any discounts we receive from vendors directly to you. You’ll have a chance to review your estimated net proceeds with your Home Advisor one-on-one prior to close. If you change your mind or disagree with our repair request, you can cancel your contract anytime before closing without a penalty.

Learn more about our repair process and common repair items we find.

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