Which inspections should buyers consider?

In a nutshell:

As a home buyer, you typically have 7-15 days to conduct your inspections on the home and determine if you would like to move forward or cancel the contract without risking your deposit. Check out our inspection contingency guide for more info.

You should always consult with your agent to determine which inspections make sense for your purchase. Below are some of the most common inspections buyers obtain.

Most buyers request the following inspections:

General home inspection (price range: $250 – $1,000 depending on Sq. Ft.): Home inspectors look for any potential deficiencies regarding the grounds, structure, roof, doors, windows, appliances, and any main systems (plumbing, electrical, heating/air conditioning, etc.). We recommend that buyers always get a general home inspection.

Termite/Pest inspection (price range: $80 – $150 depending on Sq. Ft.): Termites are small, pale, soft-bodied insects that feed on wood, and can be highly destructive to a home. Termite inspectors check all wood around the property for evidence of termite infestation. We generally recommend a termite inspection in most areas of the west coast.

Additional inspections to consider:

Upon completion of a general inspection, your inspector will point out areas that require further investigation. These additional inspections could include:

Sewer line (price range: $250 per sewer line): Sewer line inspectors use a scope (camera) to determine if the system is functioning as designed and to assess the condition of the property’s line – ensuring that it is not cracked, blocked, or displaced.

Structural (price range: $450 – $750 depending on Sq. Ft.): Structural inspectors inspect the foundation, framing, and grounds to understand the structural integrity and condition of the building or home.

Geological (price range: around $1,000): Geological inspectors evaluate the terrain and slope of a property, advising on the quality and stability of the land underlying the home.

Chimney (price range: $250 for 1 chimney): Chimney inspections are conducted by using a camera to examine the duct internally. The inspection may also access the roof to ensure that all components are compliant and in good condition.

Survey (price range: $1,000 – $8,000): Licensed surveyors use specific equipment and maps to locate property lines, as well as identify the location of any encroachments or structures.

Drainage (price range: around $250): Drainage inspectors inspect for potential deficiencies associated with the main drainage system (eg underground drain lines, yard drains, rain water catch basins, etc.).

Mold (price range: $600 – $4,000 depending on number of samples): Mold inspectors examine structures for evidence of water intrusion and presence of mold. This can be done through visual inspections and by taking air samples.

Pool (price range: around $300): Pool inspectors examine the pool, spa and any other pool equipment to ensure that they comply with code and are in good condition.

Radon (price range: around $200): Radon is a radioactive gas that results from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water.

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