Why can’t I bring my agent to on-demand tours?

In select markets, you can browse, tour and make an offer on any home listed on the market with Opendoor.  Our free, on-demand tour feature allows you to gain access to those homes in your area. Best of all, these private tours are coordinated around your schedule and there’s no obligation to continue working with Opendoor or your tour assistant once your tour has concluded. You can learn more about scheduling a free tour for any home on the market with Opendoor here.

Out of professional courtesy to your existing relationship with your agent, we are unable to extend this service to any buyer who has an active relationship with a non-Opendoor agent. Your current agent will need to facilitate any private tours outside of our system and app.  

That said, please feel free to continue using our app to see which homes are on the market that fit your personal search criteria and to self-tour Opendoor homes

If you are interested in an Opendoor-owned home, you and your agent are welcome to continue self-touring those properties where available. You can learn more about self-tours here.

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