Why can’t I buy directly on all homes?

Our direct buying option is only available for homes owned by Opendoor. If the home you want to purchase is owned by Opendoor, you’ll have direct access to the seller (Opendoor) and have the option to buy that home with the help of a Home Advisor, no agent needed. A dedicated Home Advisor will support you from offer to close to ensure the entire process is smooth.

If you want to only see Opendoor-owned homes eligible for self-tour, filter listings using the  “Opendoor homes” option on the Search tab and it will only display homes that Opendoor owns and available to self-tour instantly.  Note: Opendoor-owned homes that are located in gated communities still require a tour agent for access.

But, what if the home you want isn’t owned by Opendoor?

If the home you want to purchase is not owned by Opendoor, you will need a buying agent to work on your behalf. You can start the offer process online or directly through the property page on Opendoor, and we’ll pair you up with a third-party local buying agent in your area.

Your buying agent will help you finalize your offer strategy before submitting your offer to the seller. They will also support you from negotiations through close of escrow, making sure you’re taken care of the entire way.

You can learn more about how working with a partner agent differs from buying directly from Opendoor here.

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