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Life happens. Minds change. When you buy with Opendoor or buy an Opendoor home, just get in touch to return the home within 90 days. Conditions apply.

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Opendoor 90 day buyback guarantee FAQs

How does the 90 day buyback guarantee work?

If you aren't satisfied with your new home purchase for any reason, we'll buy your home back within the first 90 days. The return is subject to a 3% fee to cover costs to re-list the house, and we also subtract any buyer commission refund or direct buyer credit received. Some homes may not qualify for the 90 day buyback guarantee (e.g. properties over $500,000 or those with significant repair issues), but 90% of homes bought with us to-date have qualified. Learn more

How do I return a home to Opendoor?

If you would like to return your home purchase, get in touch with us by sending an email to within 90 days of closing. We’ll need you to confirm that you occupied the home while you owned it, you continue to own it, and you haven’t returned a home to us before. Then, we'll schedule a Home Condition Assessment to make sure there hasn't been major damage to the home or other material changes reducing the value of your home. We'll then buy your home back for the purchase price presented to you in your 90 day buyback guarantee offer, less any identified repair costs. If you received money back for buying with Opendoor, you’ll need to refund that as well. Specific details can be found in our terms and conditions.

Does every property qualify for the 90 day buyback guarantee?

As of August 1, 2019, all Opendoor homes under contract are eligible for the guarantee. Beginning August 1, 2019 non-Opendoor properties bought with an Opendoor partner agent that go into contract are also eligible. Opendoor homes purchased prior to August 1, 2019 remain eligible for the 30-day buyback guarantee. Certain non-Opendoor properties may not qualify. Examples include homes over $500,000, multi-family units, or properties with significant repair issues. Learn more. Historically, 90% of homes bought with Opendoor have been eligible.

If I choose to buy a non-Opendoor home with Opendoor and it does not qualify for the 90 day buy back guarantee, will I still get up to 1% back?

Yes, you will qualify to receive up to 1% back, on top of the guidance for negotiations and closing from a top, local partner agent.

Is the 90 day buyback guarantee the same as a home warranty?

No. A home warranty can help safeguard against the cost of repairs to major components of home systems and select appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear, based on the home warranty policy and coverage details. The Opendoor 90 day buyback guarantee allows you to return qualifying homes to us within 90 days of closing, subject to a fee.

Should I buy a home warranty?

Some home owners like to purchase home warranties so they can help minimize out-of-pocket expenses if certain systems or appliances in the home have problems in the future. If you’re interested in a home warranty, including how it works and the types of things they typically cover, please let our Home Advisor or your Opendoor Partner Agent know when you make your offer. We’ll work together to find an option that meets your needs.

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