Opendoor Guarantee

Buy with confidence

Your Opendoor home comes backed by the Opendoor Guarantee

Move in and get settled. If you’re not satisfied with your home purchase, we'll buy it back.

We believe that every buyer should love their new home. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know and you can return the home, subject to  terms and conditions .

Opendoor Buyer FAQs

Which homes are eligible for the Opendoor Guarantee?

All buyers who contract to buy an Opendoor home after June 7th, 2016 will be offered the Opendoor Guarantee as part of their purchase contract.

If I don't love the home I purchased from Opendoor, can I return it?

The Opendoor Guarantee includes a 30-day guarantee. If you are unhappy with your home purchase, we’ll buy it back per the  terms and conditions  of our guarantee.

Once you let us know you’re unhappy with your home, we’ll schedule a Home Condition Assessment to make sure there hasn't been major damage to the home or other material changes reducing the value of your home. We'll then buy your home back for the original price less sunk fees, transaction costs (including commissions) and repair costs beyond normal wear and tear. Further details can be found in our  terms and conditions .

What is the difference between the Opendoor Guarantee and a home warranty?

If you're not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of closing on your new home, simply let us know and you can return the home under our Opendoor Guarantee, subject to  terms and conditions  . A home warranty can help safeguard against the cost of repairs to major components of home systems and select appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear, based on the home warranty policy and coverage details.

Should I buy a home warranty?

Some home owners like to purchase home warranties so they can help minimize out-of-pocket expenses if certain systems or appliances in the home have problems in the future. If you’re interested in a home warranty, including how it works and the types of things they typically cover, please let our Home Advisors know when you make your offer. We’ll work together to find an option that meets your needs.