Working with Opendoor

what is an ibuyer - guide

What is an iBuyer – How it works and is it worth it?

What are iBuyers and how do they work? We break down the new model for real estate and how it compares to the traditional process.


Selling a home – Here’s your support team

There are a lot of people working behind the scenes when you sell to Opendoor. Here's who you'll work with and how they can help.

housing market expected to slow in 2019

Housing market trends 2019 – The ultimate guide

Rising rates, falling home sales, and talk of a recession: what do today's real estate trends mean for you? We break down today's market trends.

How Opendoor calculates the value of your home

Learn how we use the info you tell us about your home, our robust data model, and local experts to make a competitive, all-cash offer.

opendoor misconceptions

Most common misconceptions about Opendoor

Is Opendoor a house flipper, conspiring against realtors and inflating costs? In this guide, we've addressed the most common misconceptions about Opendoor.

how to buy a house stress-free

How Opendoor’s costs compare to a traditional home sale

We compare the costs of selling to Opendoor versus the traditional process side-by-side. We also breakdown our service charge and what it covers.

the opendoor process

How Opendoor takes “the process” out of the home selling process

Between all the prep work and impromptu home showings, we know the traditional process isn’t easy — so we created a new video to bring that to life.

How Opendoor makes handling repairs easier

Learn how our repair process differs from a traditional sale. We give you more options, more control, and you can skip the work.

how does opendoor make money

How does Opendoor make money?

Some of the most asked questions we get are, “What is your business model?” and “How does Opendoor make money?” This guide will shed some light on them.