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Add a 2nd or 3rd bedroom increasing the above-ground living space of your home by at least 150 square feet. Typically bedrooms must have a closet, window, and door.

Converting existing living space into a 2nd or 3rd bedroom (e.g. by adding a closet) with no change in total square feet for the home.

​​Convert existing space into a new full bathroom with separate tub and shower. Upgrade countertops and fixtures. No change to total square footage of the home.

​​Convert existing space into a half bathroom. A half bathroom typically has only one toilet and one sink. We assume no change to total square feet.

​​Upgrade to granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. We assume at least the oven and microwave are upgraded to stainless steel. Install an island and new cabinets.

Convert the flooring in the main home area (kitchen, living room, dining room) to hardwood.

Add 150 square feet of above-ground living space.

Add a fully enclosed garage space that is attached to your home.

Finish 700 square feet of basement space; add insulation, drywall, lighting and emergency escape window or door.

Add an in-ground swimming pool.

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Estimated home value increase

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About the home improvement value calculator

​​Opendoor buys and sells thousands of homes per month. Using our valuation model along with teams of local pricing experts, we’re able to isolate individual features of homes and understand how improvements to those features can increase the overall value of a home.

​​Use our calculator to compare 11 projects in 20 major cities like remodeling a kitchen in Phoenix, converting a bedroom in Dallas, or adding a pool in Atlanta. To explore the data behind the tool, see our blog on Top home improvements.

​​Where many tools rely on subjective surveys, Opendoor’s calculator uses current market data.

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