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Why Opendoor is a better choice

Selling to Opendoor
  • Competitive offer, no financing fall-through risk
  • Offer in 48hrs, choose your close date
  • Sell without listing. Skip prep and showings
  • 3-day Late Checkout moving option
  • Transparent fees and pricing
  • We’ll handle any repairs and deduct the costs
Traditional home sale
  • Risk of buyer financing fall-through
  • Uncertainty around your closing timeline
  • Hours of prep, showings and open houses
  • Stress of a potential double move
  • Hidden fees and upfront costs
  • Manage contractors and repairs yourself

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How we make you a competitive offer

unique inputs
Unique inputs
from you

Tell us about your home's unique features and we'll use those details to give you a more precise offer

neighborhood comps

We compare and review similar homes that have recently sold in your area

Local expertise

We've purchased thousands of homes and have an understanding of your local market

Know your costs upfront.

Service costs

We take a service charge to help cover the costs of holding and reselling your home. These include property taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, and marketing.

Repairs costs

Similar to any buyer, Opendoor will conduct an assessment of your home to identify if repairs are needed. If so, you have the option to deduct the costs and let us handle all the work.

Closing costs

Just like a traditional sale, each party is responsible for the fees related to title insurance, escrow, and recording & notarization.

We're here to make your move easier

Laura and Jim Boldin

We have 2 kids, 3 dogs, and a new baby on the way. By selling our home to Opendoor, we didn’t have to keep it show-ready and everything was taken care of.

Laura and Jim Boldin
Sold to Opendoor

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