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Sell with Opendoor


How Opendoor compares with a traditional home sale

We compare the costs of selling to Opendoor versus the traditional process side-by-side. We also breakdown our service charge and what it covers.


How Opendoor calculates your home value

Learn how we use the info you tell us about your home, our robust data model, and local experts to make a competitive, all-cash offer.


How Opendoor makes home repairs easier

Learn how our repair process differs from a traditional sale. We give you more options, more control, and you can skip the work.


Most common misconceptions about Opendoor

We created a new way to buy, sell, or trade-in a home that's generated a lot of buzz. We address some of the top misconceptions about how we operate.


How does Opendoor differ from services like Zillow and Offerpad?

Opendoor launched what's now called "iBuying", and many other companies have followed suit. Here's how we're doing things differently.


In what cities does Opendoor buy and sell homes?

We buy and sell homes in over 20 cites nationwide, and we're continuing to expand.


How do I request a cash offer from Opendoor?

It's as easy as entering your address and then answering a few questions about your home. It's free at no obligation.


What types of homes does Opendoor purchase?

Unlike traditional home flippers, we buy homes in good condition, and we aim to offer fair market value.


How does Opendoor make money?

We've helped over 70,000 customers buy and sell a home. We breakdown our business model and our mission to give everyone the freedom to move.