The Bertotys used Opendoor to skip the home-selling stress and retire in style

Sold their home to Opendoor in Las Vegas, NV

At age 66 and 71, George and Carol Bertoty were ready to quit taking care of their house and start fully enjoying retirement. The couple had lived in their Spring Valley, Nevada home for 20 years, and a lot of work was needed to maintain it. “It was going to need a new air conditioner, a new refrigerator, a new this, a new that,” George remembers, “So it was time to move out and not have the responsibilities of landscaping and all that other stuff.”

After checking out a few senior living options, the Bertoty’s found their new home in an assisted living facility in Henderson. They were excited about moving into their new apartment, but dreaded the upcoming process of selling their old home.

Seeking a simpler way to sell

Between them, they’d sold 3 homes before and were familiar with the stress of the process. “It took a long time and there was a lot of hassle” Carol recalled, “you have to get the kids out of the house for showings and you have to keep everything spot on.” Though it’d been many years since their last sale, they’d heard horror stories from friends who had sold recently. “We knew some people who had lived through months and months of having to keep the house just so, and every time someone wanted to look at it they had to leave, they had to get the dogs out of there, it was just one hassle after another. We didn’t want to go through that.”

When George heard an ad for Opendoor on the radio offering a new, simpler way to sell their home, he realized it could be the perfect solution. The biggest draw was the fact that if they sold to Opendoor, they wouldn’t have to do any upgrades or repair work to the 20-year old home. “We’re of the age where we didn’t want to do a lot of work on the house. We just wanted out of there! Move on with life, ” Carol explained, “We don’t like the idea of having to fix a place up for somebody else, and they’re not going to even like it. They should be able to do what they want with the place, not what we want”.

At first, the couple were skeptical. But since requesting an offer online was so easy, George decided to give it a try. He had analyzed comparable homes in the area, and when Opendoor came back with an offer that was “right smack dab around the value of the house,” it dispelled their skepticism. At the same time, the Bertotys had also requested an offer from an Opendoor competitor in Las Vegas. That offer came in about $30,000 lower than Opendoor’s, reinforcing to them that Opendoor was the right company to work with.

Downsizing to enjoy retirement

George and Carol had already moved into their new apartment, so they were ready to sell quickly and stop paying the mortgage on their old home. They were happy to find Opendoor was ready to move as quickly as they wanted. After signing their contract, they were introduced to their home advisor, Patrick, who helped them swiftly schedule a home assessment. “We were very impressed with the people they sent out,” Carol said of the home assessors, “They knew exactly what they were looking for, went right to it, did it quickly and seemed really knowledgeable.” From start to finish, it only took the Bertotys 3.5 weeks to sell their home.

Today, the Bertotys are happily settled in their new home and making the most of their retirement exploring nearby trails, taking classes and going to shows. George and Carol recommend Opendoor to everyone they know, including their fellow residents at the assisted living facility. “Half the people here have heard the story,” Carol says, “they’re always skeptical because this is such a new thing for them and many people in our age group don’t do things online.” But the Bertotys tell the skeptics just how easy selling to Opendoor really is. “It’s less stress,” George explains. Carol smiles and nods in agreement, “we like less stress.”

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